A Little Love Story...

Back in 2020, I decided to propose to my then-boyfriend… The stage was set as I purchased a ring from Shane Co. The ring arrived, and while he was asleep, I tried the ring on, but it didn’t fit. I went through the return process and bought another, and when my boyfriend was at work, I had my neighbor try it on, but it just wasn't right… 
So annoyed at this point, I then bought a sizer,  and when he was asleep, I tried it on him. YES!!! I’ve got the correct size!!  I ordered another ring and the date was set!!! -5/30/20
The day came, and I shocked the crap out of him with my profession of love on the wall, 4ft marry me balloons, and our loved ones on Zoom…
Will you marry me??
Damnnnn, of course!!! The ring doesn’t fit!
We’ll worry about that later, and let's just bask in this moment.
In 2021, we were certain we’d get married sometime this year, but the current task was to find him a ring that actually fit him. We both began Googling everything you could imagine, received multiple quotes ranging from 8-10k, and after about two months of looking, we decided to postpone our wedding until we found a ring for him.
One night, we decided to give it one last shot. He googled “fat knuckle rings”, and Google brought us to Tailored Rings.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!! I started researching fat knuckle rings, and Tailored Rings had the most cost-effective products, great customer service, and is a small business, so I figured I’d reach out.
I reached out, and after chatting with them, I solidified a wedding date.. 10/2/21.
If it wasn’t for Tailored Rings I would have gone over budget for our micro-wedding.  But because of Tailored Rings, I was able to begin planning my 10 person micro-mony, and boy did we have a blast!!! 
Notice how this story starts out really really rough, then after I nail down his wedding ring vendor it was smooth sailing?? Believe it or not, that's how this whole process was.
Thanks y’all,

This ring is a lifesaver!

This ring is a lifesaver! It looks just as good as the options we were shown by our local jewelry store but is much more affordable. It’s comfortable to wear and the clasp has the perfect amount of “grip” to keep it closed while not making it too hard to take off. The two seams are really subtle and don’t detract from the look of the ring at all. I’m so glad we found this solution for my wedding band.


Our whole experience with this company was fantastic!

Our whole experience with this company was fantastic, smooth, and absolutely flawless. We received our ring kit first, we determined the size we needed, and they quickly began working on the actual ring and it was sent to us quickly. The whole process took less than two weeks. The owner was very communicative and would quickly respond to any questions, and let us know what they were doing every step of the way. Once we received the ring, the quality was fabulous and everything we expected it to be. It was perfect for our needs, I highly recommend supporting this business if you're needing a specially made hinge ring. Thank you so much!


It's well crafted and looks great!

I have had your matte finished, hinged titanium ring as my wedding band for about six weeks now; I’m very impressed with the ring so far, it's well crafted and looks great. Having the option to remove the band normally, or using the hinge is very convenient, as well as a safety feature. As an engineer, my hands can occasionally be in hazardous places, it’s reassuring that the band can be removed without cutting the ring, or finger, off! Finally, as a gadget guy, I’ve had a lot of fun showing it off to my high tech friends and explaining your process. All in all, a fine mans ring.

Bart & Pam

Our very own testimonial!

In November 2018, co-founder Hunter and his wife Tiffany got married in Las Vegas surrounded by their closest family and friends. Much to the minister’s surprise, they handed him hairbands as wedding rings. The weeks leading up to their wedding, Hunter had struggled to find a wedding band that would fit over his fat knuckle. Soon after the wedding, Hunter got to work designing his own wedding band. Using computer aided design software and metal additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, he came up with the hinged wedding band. Not only did it comfortably accommodate his fat knuckle, but it was also functional, allowing him to easily put it on and take it off as needed in his busy and active life. Hunter shared the hinged ring among his friends, who also struggled with the “fat knuckle” fit. Whether it was from previous climbing injuries and scar tissue or just genetically fat knuckles, the hinged wedding band seemed to be the solution.

Tailored Alloys Co-Founder Hunter Taylor and Tiffany Taylor

Rating: 5/5 stars

Very nice fit and good looking. Highly recommended for big knuckles! The order process was straightforward, they reached out within hours of placing the order to send me the fitting kit which I received two days later (I’m in Canada). After confirming my size, I received the actual ring 3 weeks later as scheduled. Thank you!

Pictures don't do it justice!

Pictures don't do it justice! Incredibly light, love that it can clip to my keys so I wont lose it when playing sports or climbing. It fits my finger, not my knuckle, so hardly notice it compared to my old ring. I have gone through a lot of rubber rings, but always end up breaking them, or losing them when they stretch out. My wedding ring cost about the same, have copper and wood with resin in it, and only lasted a year before coming apart. Easily worth the price. This will be my last ring purchase.


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