Mens Safety Wedding Bands: Protecting Fingers and Style with Tailored Rings

The biggest innovation in wedding rings over the last 100 years was turning the symbol of commitment into a cheap rubber alternative, but for this was done for a good reason, Safety! Unfortunately, this solution breaks the sentiment of the wedding bands purpose but there was no safe alternative to a rubber ring until now. Enter Tailored Rings' line of safe mens hinged wedding bands, where practicality meets tradition, ensuring you can wear your love proudly without risking your digits.

mens hinged wedding bands


Wait, my wedding band may not be safe?!?

Tailored Rings safe men’s wedding bands were invented to solve a 100+ year old problem: the risk of ring avulsion. Ring avulsion is a horrifying injury that occurs when a strong ring gets caught on something and the ring and the finger no longer want to travel in the same direction…. Think of it as a tug-of-war match between your ring and your bones – spoiler alert: the ring wins.

The 4 major consideration for a wedding ring

  • Safety First: Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, a firefighter, or literally any human person with fingers you are at risk of ring avulsion. Mens safety wedding bands from Tailored Rings provide a hinged metal ring that will pop open in an extreme condition but also last a lifetime.

  • A symbol of commitment: call me old fashioned but I still believe in some traditions. The wedding band is a physical reminder of daily commitment to your partner designed to last forever. Our bands are designed to withstand the test of time.

  • Fit: Not just for the rugged and adventurous, these bands fit into every man's lifestyle. The added benefit of a hinged ring is they no longer are sized to fit your finger, not your knuckle. This means you will get the perfect fit for everyday comfort. For the guy that is easily annoyed by jewelry, this ring is for you, a perfect fit means you will forget you even have it on.

  • Affordability: Let’s be honest, $500 is not cheap but nothing built to last is. Can you find a cheap rubber ring on amazon for $25, yes. Will it last a lifetime? No. A gold wedding band at a jewelry store is easily $1000 but is it safe? No. We offer a 30 day money back return and a lifetime replacement guarantee for a ring breaking and firmly believe this is a great value.


At the intersection of love, function, and safety, Tailored Rings has designed the ultimate mens wedding bands to protect your finger and commitment. Handcrafted with precision and passion, our Durable rings symbolize enduring love and unwavering dedication, ensuring your journey together is as secure as it is beautiful.

Explore Tailored Rings’ Mens Safety Wedding Bands Collection Today!

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