Dr. Hunter Taylor and Dr. Laszlo Kecskes

Hunter & Tiffany Love Story

In November 2018, the founder Hunter and his wife Tiffany married in Las Vegas surrounded by their closest family and friends. Much to the minister’s surprise, they handed him hairbands as wedding rings.

The weeks leading up to their wedding, Hunter had struggled to find a wedding band that would fit over his fat knuckle. Soon after the wedding, Hunter got to work designing his own wedding band. Using computer aided design software and metal additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, he came up with the hinged wedding band. Not only did it comfortably accommodate his fat knuckle, but it was also functional, allowing him to easily put it on and take it off as needed in his busy and active life. Hunter shared the hinged ring among his friends, who also struggled with the “fat knuckle” fit. Whether it was from previous climbing injuries and scar tissue or just genetically fat knuckles, the hinged wedding band seemed to be the solution.