About Tailored Rings

The parent company of Tailored Rings, Tailored Alloys, LLC, was formed by co-owners Dr. Hunter Taylor and Dr. Laszlo Kecskes with the plans to leverage their materials science and engineering backgrounds to develop and optimize new alloys for tomorrows' energy, defense, and manufacturing sectors. A Tailored Alloys wedding band is more than just a purchase it is a commitment from us to you. 

Currently, Tailored Alloys has one patent pending on low cost and rapid alloy development for laser powder bed fusion and was recently awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a novel high-strength, high-conductivity alloy.

Tailored Rings offers rings that come in brushed, satin, and polished cobalt chrome finishes along with a coating process that is changing ever-so rapidly.

We also are able to provide a custom design quote upon request.

Tailored Rings are made up of high performance alloys

CoCrMo, short for Cobalt-28% Chromium-6% Molybdenum, is a high-performance alloy that's used in things like orthopedic implants and jet engines. It looks as good as platinum or white gold but is tougher against scratches and much stronger. That’s why CoCrMo is awesome for wedding bands. It's super durable, resistant to wear and corrosion, and it won't irritate your skin either.

What sets us apart?

Scratch resistant rings


From the first sketch to the last polish, Tailored Rings is all about pushing the boundaries of ring design. Our team is dedicated to revolutionizing how rings are made by focusing on top-notch engineering, custom fits, and standout looks. Every Tailored Ring tells your personal story and is built to last with precision engineering. We're always innovating with new materials and hinge techniques to lead the ring industry.

Tailored Rings


Every day at Tailored Rings, our artisans mix old-school craft with new-school tech in our modern workshops. We're experts at making rings that fit perfectly around your finger, not just over your knuckle. We focus on ergonomic design so every ring snaps open and shut satisfyingly, giving you comfort and security. Our skilled craftsmen use advanced methods to create rings that represent strength and commitment.



Tailored Rings' craftsmanship is all about quality legacy. Our Cobalt Chrome rings are the result of blending traditional craftsmanship with modern precision. Each piece showcases the skill of our artisans, who pay close attention to every detail. We have strict quality controls to make sure your ring is not just a symbol of love but also a durable masterpiece. This commitment to excellence is part of everything we do, from initial design to the final product.