Love the elegance of rings but dislike the risk of injury?

Tailored Rings introduces a revolutionary hinge design that eliminates the danger of ring avulsion. Choose from a variety of sleek, durable Cobalt Chrome rings that combine safety with style. Experience the comfort of a perfect fit that adapts to your lifestyle, not just your finger size.

Why Tailored Rings

Revolutionary Design Meets Timeless Style

Tailored Rings redefine elegance with their unparalleled blend of durability and premium aesthetics. A jewel that promises to stand the test of time, crafted for those who demand excellence in every facet of their lives.

Safety Redefined: Avulsion-Free Design

Discover the peace of mind with Tailored Rings—where our advanced hinge design prevents ring avulsion and ensures your ring never gets stuck. A perfect fit that easily comes off in risky situations

Captivating Aesthetics That Command Attention

Designed to dazzle, each Tailored Ring boasts a luxurious look that captivates and charms. A testament to your impeccable taste, these rings ensure that your hand becomes the canvas for a masterpiece of fashion-forward design.

Snaps and Secures: A Symbol of Reliability

Embrace the confidence that comes with a ring designed to stay securely in place. Tailored Rings’ innovative snap mechanism ensures that your ring not only fits perfectly but also stays secure, offering peace of mind alongside unmatched elegance.

Launching Soon on Kickstarter